Wessex Continental 2018

Welcome to Wessex Continental Travel 2018

As you will observe, we are now concentrating on specialised holidays such as Wildlife Tours; Jazz Tours; Wine Tours and the Spanish Minicruise. We still have some beach breaks in Northern Spain.
Throughout, we have tried to make the trips as interesting as possible. If you just want to lie back on a beach for your holiday and enjoy the sun there are swifter and cheaper ways of doing this than a coach holiday. You can check out all the hotels on the internet and see if they will suit you. We explain our holidays as honestly and factually as we can within the brochure pages and from the information given we hope you will be able to make an informed choice.

The 2018 Programme
The Spanish Minicruise 2018
May 20th Spain, Wildlife-Asturias
May 20th Spain, Beach Break-Asturias
June 17th Spain, Wildlife-Asturias
June 30th France, Loire Valley Wine Tour
July 12th France Long Weekend
August 26th Spain, Castile Wildlife
August 30th France Long Weekend
September 8th France, France Atlantique Wine Tour
September 9th Spain, Wildlife-Asturias FULL
September 27th France Long Weekend
September 30th Spain, Jazz in Asturias
October 14th Spain , Cantabria Wildlife
October 14th Spain , Cantabria Beach Break
October 21st Spain , San Sebastian
October 24th France, Jazz in Normandy
October 27th France Long Weekend
December 7th France, Brittany, Christmas Special