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All That Jazz

We’ve been running our Jazz Holidays for over 25 years and, as always, our aim is to provide a super break in pleasant surroundings with some great jazz after dinner in the evenings. On most tours the Band will also play on board the ship during the Channel crossing.

An important aspect is the actual travel itself. We try to make it as hassle-free and relaxing as possible and when the ship arrives at its port of arrival we have only a short drive to the hotel. During the day we lay on interesting excursions within the local region but these are optional(and free) so if you don’t wish to go travelling around you can stay put and enjoy the local scene which usually includes a nearby beach.
These are holidays, first and foremost and the jazz element is a bonus.

We are often asked why we don’t go to different destinations each year instead of going back to the same resorts time and time again. If it were that easy we’d do so! It’s not and we don’t. Mainly because not all hotels want a jazz band, not all hotels can provide the requisite facilities and not all hotels can provide the welcome and support we need. It really is a question of “tried and tested” rather than an experimental tour that could go horribly wrong. Trust us!

Parking at the ports of departure is readily available and is by far and away the best option if you are coming from afar.

October 8th Panama Jazz BandJazz in Green Spain (Mogro)
May 20th Roger Marks' Cornish Armada Band Jazz in Cantabria
May 26thPanama Jazz Band Jazz in Brittany