Wildlife Cruise

Ocean Wildlife Cruiser 3 days

This is our version of the Spanish Minicruise which we ran on behalf of Brittany Ferries for 11 years. We’ve renamed it to avoid any confusion with any similar programme the ferry company operates. This version is intended to appeal to Wildlife enthusiasts who would like to observe what’s going on at sea and enjoy a relaxing cruise.

The trip will be hosted by marine-life expert Paul Burley whose lifetime experiences on the ocean will guide you throughout the crossing.

The ship has many amenities to keep you occupied during the crossings such as live entertainment, cinema, swimming pool to name a few. But no doubt this is a secondary attraction to the main event!

vWe  leave Plymouth on a Sunday at 1645 and a 2-berth cabin is provided. We arrive at 1500 on Monday . The return sailing leaves at 1800 and reaches Plymouth at 1045 on Tuesday .

Crossing the Bay of Biscay in May offers many sightings of Dolphins and whales, it is at this time when we often see good numbers of dolphins and also some of the whale species that are regularly seen in the bay. These include the incredible Cuvier's  beaked whale, Fin whales and the chance of many more species such as Pilot whales, Sperm whales, Sowerby's beaked whale and more.

September in the Bay of Biscay is simply the best time to see Cetaceans and birds. A crossing will offer a great opportunity to witness the migration of both the birds and the great whales. Shearwaters, Skuas, and Petrels are a thrill for Birders and Fin whales, Cuviers beaked whales, Pilot whales, Stripped dolphins and many more are some of the spectacular wildlife often seen. A visit to the Bay of Biscay at this time is an absolute must for all wildlife enthusiasts.

We can’t always guarantee that you’ll have the same cabin on the return crossing ( but usually it happens) so we advise that you travel light to avoid lugging a suitcase around the town!

Your ticket will be given to you on the day of departure by our Representative at the Port.

Departure date

September 15th : September 29th :2-berth cabin: £210 (1 person) ; £155 (each of 2 persons) / 4-berth cabin for 2 persons : £255 (each person)
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Meet at Millbay Docks, Plymouth.