Santander Cruiser Santander

Santander Cruiser 3 days

This is our version of the Spanish Minicruise which we ran on behalf of Brittany Ferries for 11 years. We’ve renamed it Ocean Express to avoid any confusion with any similar programme the ferry company may decide to operate themselves.

It’s a simple affair - just a relaxing cruise across the Channel and into the Atlantic from Plymouth to Santander and back.

For anyone interested in the seaborne wildlife it is a brief opportunity to seek out cetaceans and pelagics during various times of the year.

For others, an opportunity to let the world go by and take it easy - free from phone calls, TV, crowds and the bustle of ordinary life. A chance tor smokers to obtain cheaper product and wine lovers to stock up.

The ship has many amenities to keep you occupied during the crossings such as live entertainment, cinema, swimming pool to name a few.

We usually leave Plymouth on a Sunday at 1645 and a 2-berth cabin is provided. We arrive at 1400 on Monday . The return sailing leaves at 1700 and reaches Plymouth at 1400 on Tuesday.

We can’t always guarantee that you’ll have the same cabin on the return crossing ( but usually it happens) so we advise that you travel light to avoid lugging a suitcase around the town!

Your ticket will be given to you on the day of departure by our Representative.


Departure date


DATE2-berth cabin Per Person2 People in 4 Berth Cabin3 People in 4 Berth Cabin4 People in 4 Berth Cabin
August 28th £180 N/A N/A N/A
Sept 25th £155 £199 £180 £155
Oct 9th £135 £175 £130 £130
Oct 23rd £135 £175 £130 £130

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Single supplement add £50.00 ; Outside Cabin (4-berth only ) Add. £50 ( per cabin,NOT per person) ;Children : under 4 – free: between 4-15 – less £20 There are no 2-berth outside cabins

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