Travel Insurance - Never travel without it.
We recommend travel insurance. Unfortunately, we are not able to sell travel insurance any more due to Government regulations.

You will need a passport for all trips abroad. At the time of going to print, no other visas for any of the destinations featured in this brochure are required.

It is now necessary to supply us with more detailed personal information to gain entry to France and Spain. We will need to know your full name(as it appears in your passport i.e. no Jimmies, Jacks, Sue, Bettys etc unless that is what is shown); date of birth and nationality in order to pass this on to the Border authorities in each country. We regret this intrusion but we have no choice in the matter.

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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
GDPR applies to every company in the European Union that uses personal data. The regulations cover your data and how companies look after it. Protecting your data is really important to us at www.wessexcontinental.co.uk , and we want to make sure you know what GDPR means for you with us. From May 2018, companies will have to stick to new rules to make sure your data is looked after. These rules give you a number of rights. They include the right to see the personal data companies hold about you, you being able to ask them to delete this personal data, and you have to give your consent before a firm can do certain things with your data. The only exception to this rule is that if you have placed a booking with us we are obliged to keep on record/file that transaction information for a number of years, currently seven. This is for accounting purpose and Inland Revenue. However, you can request that your information (name, address, telephone no etc) when you signed in is deleted. When booking we typically collect the following information: Your Name; Email Address; Telephone Number; Address; and company name if applicable.

The personal data which we collect from you and is stored in your booking is as follows:

  1. your name
  2. date of birth
  3. nationality
  4. your geographical address
  5. your email address
  6. your telephone number 

We do not transfer or sell your personal data to anyone at anytime. 

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To make a booking there are three options:
1- Print off the Booking Form and send it to us
2- Phone us
3- Book on-line


Scammers and fraudsters and other thieves are so sophisticated and plausible these days that we will no longer take payment on-line. This is not for our benefit but to protect you from being robbed.
When you make a booking or pay the balance these are your options:
Money(Postal) Order
Direct transfer to our Bank
Credit/Debit card payable on invoice sent  via PayPal our payment gateway.

If you cancel

If you cancel your holiday it must be done in writing. If the cancellation is received at least 5 weeks prior to departure it will result in the loss of your deposit. If you cancel between 28-42 days before departure the charge will be 30% of the cost of your holiday. Between 14-27 days it is 45%, 7-13 days in 60% and 1-6 days it will be 100%. Some of these charges may be recoverable if you have taken out insurance but will be refunded by the Insurance company and not Wessex Continental. The contract is governed by English Law. This programme was produced in October 2021.