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We present our programme for 2024, our 50th year of operating holidays. We hope you will find it interesting and will join us on one of our tours. 

We have concentrated on specialist holidays but have not neglected our basic  mission of arranging relaxing, no hassle trips that refresh the mind and body and which you will remember for all the right reasons! We know most of  the hotel owners we use personally and we use them because they have always looked after our clients as honoured guests-not just numbers. Just as importantly, they know us and know that we bring the type of guest they appreciate having at  their property.

Our view is that in 2024 holidays will return to normal after the past three torrid years despite the extraordinary increase in the cost of transportation. We hope to have the pleasure of your company.


When you make your booking we will confirm by snail mail or e-mail according to the method of payment. The balance will be requested about four weeks prior to departure.

Your  passport must have at least 6 months validity remaining on the day of your departure. Check it NOW!! Insurance is advised but not mandatory especially ensure it has Covid protection! The European Health card remains valid until your personal expiry date. A Global Health card will replace it and this is  available now if you don't have a valid EHIC. 

                                                         You can call us on 01752 - 846880 or 0 777 333 9983 (you will not be kept waiting!)

Special Offer   May 12th      Spanish Spring Break

After all the rain that has poured down on us you might be ready for a short break to sunny Spain. We have two trips leaving Plymouth on May 12th and staying for 3 nights in country. We are inviting anyone to join us as independent travellers on this date and offering two money-saving options. You will NOT be participating in any of the Wildlife Trips.

1. We have a trip to Almudia in Castile for Wild Life Observers but you don't have to have an interest in Wildlife to join us and take advantage of the price.. If you’d like a relaxing break in a 5* hotel with pool and half-board , transport to and from the hotel, a 2-berth cabin on the ship it will cost you £560 per person.  You will do your own thing at the hotel i.e.  take a local bus or train; explore and wander locally; do nothing just- relax!

You’ll join the group for breakfast and dinner with wine each day at the hotel.

2. If you would like to stop in Santander and find your own accommodation for three nights it will cost you  £180 per person

You may wish to know that the return ferry crossing (including a 2-berth cabin) at this time, if booked as an individual ,would cost you  £472 per person.

If you are interested please call us on 0 777 333 9983 to discuss further

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Tour Programme for 2024
May 12th 2024 Castile el Cerrato Wildlife
May12th 2024 FULL Spain with the Panama Jazz Band
June 9th 2024 Montana Palentina Wildlife
June 9th 2024 Spanish Mountain Mini Break
June 9th 2024 Santander Mini Break
June 15th 2024 Sancerre Beaujolais Wine Tour
June 28th 2024 North Brittany Tour
August 30th 2024 Southern Brittany
September 1st 2024 Wildlife Asturias
September 1st 2024 Spanish Rural Mini Break
September 1st 2024 Santander Mini Break
September 11th 2024 Costa Verde Portugal
September 15th 2024 Ocean Wildlife Cruiser 3 days
September 18th 2024 Cantabria Beach Break
September 15th 2024 Rioja Wine Tour
September 29th 2024 Ocean Wildlife Cruiser 3 days
October 6th 2024 Castile Steppes/ Nava Wildlife
October 6th 2024 Spanish Rural Mini Break
October 6th 2024 Santander Mini Break
27th October 2024 Spain with Storyville Strutters Jazz Band

Panama Jazz Band